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 Mazlolin-65 monk

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PostSubject: Mazlolin-65 monk   Mazlolin-65 monk Icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 3:58 am

Character's Name:Mazlolin
Class:Monk with pulling abilities
AA's:497 with 24 tomes
Time Zone:CST- Chicago
Estimated play time during a week/when you play:I really have no estimate, I am online during the day when I am bored or weather is crappy, and at night I am normally online unless my wife is on me for "date night" Smile
Any alts you think are relevant:I have a 65 Shaman with relics but I hate playing him. I only play him so I can duo things for the monk.

Why you want to join SB:I started out in Amicii because my friends Teraptus, Malicre and Deetuth got me in. They had me playing the guild shaman due to no monk spots open. My shaman wasn't ready to raid so for about 3 months I didn't even play my own shaman. After a few months they started letting me raid on my shaman but still no spots for my monk. After Amicii broke up I couldn't find a guild for the life of me due to being undergeared, no tomes and such. I'd only been playing since Nov/2011 so I didn't really know anyone outside of Deet and Tera. Mal had quit for the first time at this point. I ended up getting an offer from Prophecy to play my shaman again, so I took it under the idea I would be able to bring my monk in at times. That never happened, then I had to have another surgery and it took me a few months of time to learn to walk again. (I'm a retired firefighter due to injury) When I came back from surgery they still hadn't found another shaman and in face had been boxing mine. At this point I was offered the chance to play my monk full time for Resurgum. I was a T4 monk with no COPs and had just maxed my AA's but was pulling undercity. I am not gloating but am pretty proud of that! That was last november area. My monk now has 24 tomes, most of which have been done in order to make me a better puller. I focused on Swift, resists and such first when I had them. I have my 225k charm and have been farming harder and harder to get my 1mil. Most of my gear is T8-9 except for my chest which is my lowest piece at a T6. A year now has passed in Resurgum and we are still in UC. Up until a few weeks ago I was an officer and I still absolutely love the people of that guild. I would stay if I thought we had a future is seeing more of the game but I just don't believe that anymore. People, mostly leaders will disappear whenever they choose and people are left out. In the summer I am incredibly busy but still made most of the raids. During Aug-Oct I am even more so busy because I coach youth football but still made raids. I truly do not want to leave Resurgum but to progress in the game I feel it is my only option. I love the guild but the guild is not being led in a way that will progress it through content.

Your future game/raid ambitions:My future game is always the same. Have fun and progress to see more content. My raid ambitions have been the same since EQ live. I wish to be the best, and most efficient puller on the server. I am a helpful, honest and loyal person both in game and out.
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PostSubject: Re: Mazlolin-65 monk   Mazlolin-65 monk Icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 7:58 pm

I would love to see this guy in guild. He is a great button pusher and is a great team player. I have been both his guild mate and hunting partner great guy!Very Happy 
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Mazlolin-65 monk
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