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PostSubject: Grinkles   Grinkles Icon_minitimeSun Oct 20, 2013 1:49 am

Character's Name: Grinkles

Class: Enchanter

Level: 65

AAs: 545 AAs (All); 31st tome currently in progress.

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

Estimated play time during a week/when you play: My schedule is fairly open at least until 2014 hits. I've been known on occasion to spend 12+ hours in one day on SoD, but this varies according to my level of enthusiasm.

Any alts you think are relevant: My most noteworthy alt is a 65 CLR with full relics named Ploom, though I am not interested in advancing this or any other alt at this time. For kicks, I may as well also mention here that I have the #1 (by far) 55 CLR whose name is Wheeby.

Why you want to join SB: I do not want to stop raiding simply because Chaotic Winds, my former guild, disbanded. Raiding is the thing I most look forward to about SoD, even when I have nothing to gain from the target in question. However, I *do* prefer raiding at on-tier whenever possible.

Your future game/raid ambitions: I would like to continue on to NZ kill #38 and onward to see if that lousy purple robe will ever drop to see new raid content eventually and have a good time in the company of nice people. Looting my first raid drop upgrade since 2012 would be a plus, but this isn't my top ambition.
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